The answer nobody wants is “it depends” but that’s often the answer. There’s a big difference between the cost of developing a website and editing a 2 minute video. So it really does depend on what you need and when you need it.

Here’s the good news. We often don’t charge our clients anything!

Page One is in the business of helping our clients find solutions. Sometimes the best solution is for us to provide a product or service and charge for it but other times it’s better to bring other talent into the mix.

Whether we do the work or we refer you to work with one of our trusted online marketing partners we’ll help you set a budget and agree on a price that makes everyone happy!


We know it’s just not satisfying to come to a pricing page and not actually see pricing. So we’ve given you some example pricing (in a nifty pricing table just to add to the enjoyment) so that you can get an idea.

Remember, these are just some examples. The truth is whatever you spend it’s probably going to be more than you think so you better be sure you break even, make a dollar, or, hopefully, make lots of dollars from whatever online marketing strategy you choose.

The best news is, it doesn’t cost you anything to tell us about what you’d like to do online. Just click the button below to get started!