We don’t want that to sound rude; it’s just that the services we offer aren’t best for every situation. There are basically 3 types of hosting: shared, virtual hosting, and dedicated hosting. The vast majority of websites on the internet use shared hosting because it’s cheap and good. It’s called “shared” because your site will live on a server with dozens or even hundreds of other sites. The downside to this is that your site is sharing server resources with lots of other sites. This means your site could have some performance issues here and there. That sounds bad at first but those performance issues are often barely noticeable. Besides the low cost of shared hosting makes it worth the now and then barely noticeable performance issue.

If a website starts getting thousands of visits each day and using more resources than a shared host should handle, that site should be moved to a more expensive virtual host or, for extremely popular sites, a dedicated host. Both of these options are more expensive and really only necessary for heavy traffic sites or sites that need heavier security measures in place.

Bottom line, Page One offers shared hosting and it’s very good and more than adequate for most small business sites.

We mostly host WordPress sites but what makes us really different is that we help small business owners manage their sites and provide support when needed. We only offer these services to a select few clients so that we can appropriately focus on them.

Interested in WordPress Hosting and Support? Here’s what we offer.

*Support includes resolving website or WordPress errors caused by software updates, malware / viruses, or Client. Development tasks such as new page creation, layout formatting, SSL installation, or any task which falls outside of resolving “website or WordPress errors” will be billed at the hourly rate of $75.